I started wearing corrective lenses at age 12. Glasses! What young kid wants to be called “four eyes?” But it was the only way I could navigate my world at that tender age. When I put on glasses for the first time, I was amazed. Trees were no longer just a lump of hazy green; I could see individual leaves. Even details on an each leaf came into focus. The difference my new glasses made was stunning!

Same thing for my hearing. Like many people my age, I wear a hearing aid. There’s no shame in admitting that I can’t hear as well as I once did. My hearing aid has helped me to stay engaged in my active ministry life, and of course, with my family and friends. Hearing aids aren’t cheap, but they are invaluable to many of us.

Seeing and hearing better. Brings a better quality to life, doesn’t it? Which is what motivates me to write this year-end giving letter to you. I want to tell you how we can see and hear better at church. Really!

At Broadway Christian Church, we are going to do a major sound and lighting upgrade in the sanctuary, for our classic services. It will be first-class! Our current technology is outdated, and it affects how well we can hear and see. It’s been 15 years since we last did an audio / visual improvement in that room, and even then, we could only manage the bare minimum.

Now, we want every person who attends services to hear every word from the preacher and all the musical notes from the musicians. We’re adding larger video screens that will pop! No more squinting to see the words on the screens. After this upgrade, you will most certainly have a better experience when you come to church. You will not be disappointed. Neither will the guests you bring to church with you.

If you would like to give toward this project, please put “Picture This” in the memo. It’s not cheap, but it is so very necessary. Please give generously!

From old “four eyes,”

– John Enabnit