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Free Financial Planning Workshop

Sunday, March 1st at 1pm in the South Lobby Classroom

In 2020, the rules for your IRA have changed. Join David Duncan, our estate planning specialist, for 2020 Vision – Seeing Recent Tax Law Changes Clearly on Sunday, March 1st at 1pm in the South Lobby Classroom. This is a free, no obligation opportunity to review your forms and learn how new tax rules can be leveraged for you, your family, and your favorite ministries. Individual appointments are also available on Saturday, February 29th and Monday, March 2nd. To sign up for the workshop or schedule an appointment, contact Sherry Rhoadarmer at or (480) 981-0802..

In all the world there is no one quite like you – you are unique. God has made you to fill a special place in His Kingdom. As a one-of-a-kind individual (or family), your estate planning and generosity desires are also unique.

Your plans and gifts will be like none other – and you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions. To help you achieve stewardship success in your estate and gift design, we offer a variety of services – each one guided by Biblical principles and time-proven, tax-advantaged strategies. And each one capable of helping you discover God’s unique plan of stewardship for you.

You can explore these principles and strategies by selecting one of the boxes below. If we can help you achieve your stewardship goals – and our services are provided without cost or obligation – please contact Elizabeth Tomaszewski at

When your desire is to increase your generosity –
consider “the other 90%” – your non-cash assets.

May we help? We have many resources available and can produce specific illustrations to explain how non-cash asset gifts can work for you.
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