Facility Use Policy

Our buildings and facilities exist to reach people for Christ. The following information is designed to help maintain a clean, well-functioning facility.

For all users:

• To schedule a meeting or event please call the Church Office – (480) 981-0802.

• You must fill out a Building Usage Form (at the bottom of this page) that includes a liability waver.

Please submit these at least 8 weeks prior to events  that will be publicized by the BCC Communications Team (in alignment with the Communication Policy). Events are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Content and focus must be approved through the Office.

• Rooms come “As Is”. You will be responsible for class or event setups/teardowns. For questions or concerns, please contact the Church Office.

    • If this is a special event set up, please print and fill out a Schematic.

• If you are making a request to use the church campus at night, you must receive training on opening and closing procedures, as there are no facilities personnel on campus after 6pm.

Use of Church Facilities

• For activities that require special set-up, you will need to fill out a schematic. This is available through the Church Office. Please submit these at least two weeks prior to your event. Smaller activities/groups must give at least a 24-hour notice, but be advised that your desired location may already be reserved by another group. The schematic will help our janitorial/maintenance staff set up your room on time and with the right configuration. However, it does not guarantee your set-up. If you are concerned about your set-up and/open-up, especially for large functions, we recommend you contact the Church Office to speak with someone on our Facilities team. For wedding set-ups and paid events, please contact the Church Office.

• Most areas of both buildings are available. However, to use our nursery department, please contact our Children’s Director. Children must be supervised by an approved, background-checked Children’s Ministry individual or by their own parents only.

• Fees are charged for all gatherings not directly related to a BCC Ministry. Fees vary by activity; contact the Facilities team for more information.

Facility Use Requirements and Restrictions

Alcoholic Beverages, Drugs
Consumption, use, or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is not permitted on the premises.

Smoking or Vaping
Broadway Christian Church is a smoke-free facility and grounds. Please use the designated area by the dumpster.

Food and Drink
Food and drink are allowed everywhere except for the Sanctuary.

Meet with a Facilities Team Member before hanging any decorations. The Church Office must approve all decorations.

Vehicle Usage
All drivers of church vehicles must fill out a liability waiver and submit a copy of their driver’s license and insurance cards to the Church Office so an MVR check can be run and driver cleared prior to being added to the approved drivers list. Church vehicles are available for Ministry use. You must schedule any vehicle usage through the Church Office, only after completing a Vehicle Usage Form. Vehicle reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

Kitchen Equipment
You must have a Food Handler’s card to prepare or serve food from our commercial kitchen. You must be trained on how to operate and clean appliances and kitchen equipment before using them. Please make sure you return items to where they belong. Label and date all items you put in the refrigerator. Empty trash cans that contain food products before you leave the building. Contact the Church Office for approval before bringing in outside appliances. For paid events, an additional charge will apply.

Electronic Equipment
Use of audio and visual equipment must be scheduled through the Church Office. Please do not attempt to use microphones, CD players, or video equipment without permission.

Office Equipment
Office Equipment is available for Ministry use. You must schedule usage through our Administrative Coordinator in the Church Office, to ensure everyone is able to use equipment as needed. Please note that the color copier is unavailable on Thursdays.

Lobby Displays
Tables set up in any Lobby to promote ministries, special guests, etc. are typically reserved for staff initiatives. The Church Office must approve any others. Meet with a Facilities team member to discuss needs. Any signage must be created or approved by the Communication Team via the Publication Request Form. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in the removal of a display. Table and chair set-up is free; promotional items may incur a charge.

Clean Up
Every event leader is responsible for the basic clean-up of all areas used for the event. This includes vacuuming major messes, cleaning all kitchen surfaces, and making sure all toilets are flushed.

Please report any damage or problem with the facility to the Church Office.

The church is not responsible for theft of personal items on church property.

Additional Information
Please let us know if there are any changes to your event. Our hope is to partner with you and help make your events successful. This requires an accurate church calendar and good general information about your event. Please call us if you need anything or have any questions or concerns.